Keanu Reeves Brings the Legend Back to Life in Metal Gear Solid 5 Mod


Keanu Reeves Metal Gear Solid 5 mod by JinMarr. The mod replaces the character model of Snake with a shockingly accurate recreation of Keanu Reeves, with a choice of either using his John Wick look, or his more recent Johnny Silverhand look from Cyberpunk 2077.It’s especially fun because there’s actually some parallels in both Snake and John Wick, with both characters being legends returning to their own respective fields of battle. So when Ocelot is speaking of bringing the legend back to life, it feels like it still works with Keanu Reeves on screen!

Of course, it’s still Kiefer Sutherland’s voice as Snake, but hey, if you want to add some extra John Wick flavor, you could always do that yourself:

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