Sekiro: Don’t Miss Any Secrets With Our Complete Walkthrough

Area Name Mini-bosses Boss Number of Sculptor’s Idols Ashina Reservoir (Tutorial) Samurai Leader Genichiro Ashina N/A Ashina Outskirts Samurai General (x2),

Chained Ogre,

Great Serpent, Headless

Gyoubu Oniwa 7 Hirata Estate Shinobi Hunter,

Juzou the Drunkard

Lady Butterfly 6 Ashina Castle Blazing Bull,

Ashina Seven Spears,

Lone Shadow,

Samurai General,

Ashina Elite, Headless

Genichiro Ashina 9 Sunken Valley Snake Eyes, Long-arm Centipede,

Great Serpent, Headless

Guardian Ape 6 Abandoned Dungeon Shichimen Player N/A 2 Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo Armored Warrior, Long-arm Centipede Folding Screen Monkeys 7 Ashina Depths Snake Eyes, Mist Noble, O-Rin of the Water, Shichimen Warrior, Headless Headless Ape, Corrupted Monk 7 Ashina Castle (Dusk) Chained Ogre, Headless x2, Lone Shadow x2 Great Shinobi – Owl 9 Hirata Estate (Owl’s Memory) Lone Shadow, Juzou the Drunkard Owl (Father) 4* Fountainhead Palace Sakura Bull of the Palace, Okami Leader Shizu, Headless Corrupted Monk – True Monk,

Divine Dragon

9 Ashina Castle (Night) Ashina Elite, Shigekichi of the Red Guard, Headless, Seven Ashina Spears Demon of Hatred, Isshin, the Sword Saint

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