Nile, a Soapbox contributor, reflects on his experience with the Game & Watch series and the surprising appeal these old handheld games still hold. He recalls how his nine-year-old niece was initially uninterested in his Game Boy Pocket, but became hooked on the modern rendition of Turtle Bridge in Game & Watch Gallery 3. Nile argues that the Game & Watch series, with its addictive score-chasing gameplay mechanics and charming design, is still some of the best “commute gaming” out there.

The Gallery Approach

Nile suggests that the Game & Watch Gallery series still stands as the best way to revisit Nintendo’s maiden foray into handheld gaming. He maintains that the Gallery approach, offering classics in original faux-LCD form and modern renditions starring denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, should be at the heart of Nintendo’s next handheld. Nile envisions an elegant, tactile rectangle bursting with charming watch templates and classic and modern versions of the Game & Watch library’s creme de la creme.

An Integral Part of Nintendo’s History

With the Game & Watch series celebrating its 45th anniversary in two years, Nile argues that it’s high time for a dedicated device to commemorate these iconic games. He suggests a “best of” Game & Watch Collection with at least a dozen or more games in their classic and modern iterations. Nile believes that the button-feel and gorgeous design of the 35th Anniversary models would make for the perfect handheld gaming experience. He argues that Gunpei Yokoi’s development tenet of “lateral thinking with withered technology” is embodied in the Game & Watch series and that a Game & Watch Collection would be the perfect way to honor Yokoi’s legacy.


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