After months of speculation and anticipation, Apex Legends players can finally rejoice as Respawn Entertainment, in collaboration with EA, unveil a major overhaul of one of the game’s most underutilized characters – Revenant. In a groundbreaking move, this free-to-play battle royale is giving Revenant a fresh new look and an array of reworked abilities that are bound to shake up the meta. Brace yourselves, as darkness descends upon the arena once more.

A Darkened Path Lies Ahead

In a brave narrative shift, Respawn Entertainment provides players with a tantalizing glimpse into the revamped Revenant through the animated short film, aptly titled ‘Kill Code.’ This highly immersive experience not only captures the essence of the character but also serves as a catalyst for the anticipated changes. It’s clear that Revenant’s popularity has waned over time, prompting Apex Legends’ design director Evan Funnell to take matters into their own hands.

Despite the significant alterations made to Revenant, Funnell reassured players that this major character overhaul is not a sign of regular occurrences to come. Instead, it stands as a unique case, a testament to Respawn Entertainment’s commitment to adapting and evolving their game to meet the desires of their dedicated player base.

The revamped Revenant brings forth a formidable set of abilities, each rooted in darkness and built to strike fear into the hearts of enemies. Let’s take a closer look at the fresh arsenal Revenant wields on the battlefield:

Assassin’s Instinct:

Revenant’s passive ability grants him an undeniable advantage. With Assassin’s Instinct, he gains the ability to detect enemies with less than 40 health points automatically. Moreover, Revenant exhibits unnatural prowess, enabling him to crouch-walk faster than his counterparts and scale walls with unmatched speed and precision.

Shadow Pounce:

The aptly named Shadow Pounce propels Revenant forward, enabling him to rapidly close the gap between himself and opponents or reposition himself strategically. This lethal leap grants Revenant the upper hand, catching adversaries off guard and leaving them vulnerable to his shadowy wrath.

Forged Shadows:

To truly unveil the depths of Revenant’s malevolence, Forged Shadows comes into play. This sinister ability summons a cloak of impenetrable hardened shadows, strengthening Revenant’s defenses and absorbing incoming damage. As a twisted twist of fate, killing foes while this ominous shroud is active refreshes both Shadow Pounce and the shield of darkness, ushering in a wave of haunting devastation.

As Apex Legends embraces this monumental transformation, players will have the opportunity to partake in the Resurrection season and experience the revitalized Revenant firsthand. Additionally, players can unlock Revenant permanently by completing a series of in-game challenges, offering a sense of accomplishment and exclusivity.

Beyond the rebirth of Revenant, the Resurrection season brings forth a myriad of changes to keep the Apex Legends experience fresh. Ranked matches underwent a significant overhaul, with efforts raised to ascend to the prestigious Masters rank. Matchmaking times have been adjusted to ensure fairer competition, matching players of similar skill levels. Furthermore, the Mixtape mode introduces a refreshing diversity of match variety, and weapon adjustments continue to shape the ever-evolving landscape of the game.

Apex Legends’ rejuvenated Revenant marks a new era for the iconic battle royale. With a refined visual design and a suite of revamped abilities, Revenant exudes an evil allure that promises a thrilling gameplay experience. As the Resurrection season unfolds, it is clear that Respawn Entertainment is staunchly committed to reinvigorating their beloved title, ensuring that players will remain captivated in the captivating darkness that Apex Legends has to offer.


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