Remedy CEO Tero Virtala recently provided an update to investors regarding the production status of the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2. According to Virtala, the project is in the final stages of full production and is expected to launch later this year. While the game’s release date remains vague, it seems that the studio is preparing to announce a more specific launch window in the near future. Virtala also stated that the team will gradually scale down its size as they approach the launch date, freeing up developers to contribute to the studio’s other game projects.

Other Projects in the Works

Aside from Alan Wake 2, Remedy is also working on several other game projects. Control 2, which was announced in November, has reportedly progressed well and entered the proof-of-concept stage earlier this year. Additionally, the studio is working on a co-op Control spinoff that has shown steady progress in its proof-of-concept stage. Remedy has also given updates on the Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes, which are entering the proof-of-concept phase alongside Control 2. Virtala confirmed that the team behind the remakes will be expanding throughout the year.

Free-to-Play Co-Op Game

In addition to its other projects, Remedy is also working on a free-to-play co-op game called Codename Vanguard. The game is still in the proof-of-concept stage, but Virtala stated that recent key hires have helped improve the project’s momentum. However, there is still much work to be done before the game is ready for release.

Overall, Remedy has a busy year ahead with multiple projects in the works. Fans eagerly await more news on the release date for Alan Wake 2 and the progress of Remedy’s other game projects.


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