AMC Theaters has decided to scrap its tiered pricing plan for seats following customer feedback. The plan, called Sightline, aimed to offer more desirable seats at a higher price and less popular seats at a lower price. However, the response from customers during testing was not as expected, leading the company to abandon the pilot.

Testing and Customer Response

The Sightline plan was being tested in three US markets before it was canceled. According to AMC, the customer response was a key factor in the decision to end the pilot. The company found that reducing the price of front-row seats did not result in an increase in attendance for those seats. This suggests that moviegoers were not willing to pay extra for a more desirable seat.

It is worth noting that AMC’s competitors did not attempt to implement a similar tiered pricing scheme. This lack of competition may have influenced AMC’s decision to explore alternative approaches.

Alternative Approach

Instead of tiered pricing, AMC plans to focus on providing enhanced front row seating options. The company will begin testing new seating arrangements in late 2023. These new seats will offer more space and extensive reclining capabilities, similar to the comfort of home viewing. This move aligns with other theaters that have already introduced reclining seats in their front rows.

Customer Behavior and Future Implications

One might question whether moviegoers could have simply purchased regular or cheaper tickets for less crowded showings and then chosen their seats freely. This approach could have allowed them to avoid the discomfort of the front row and opt for more desirable seats in the theater.

AMC’s decision to abandon tiered pricing suggests that customers are not willing to pay extra for better seats. This finding may have implications for other theaters considering similar pricing strategies. It is possible that moviegoers prioritize overall experience and comfort over seat location.

AMC Theaters’ experiment with tiered pricing for seats did not yield the desired results. The company will now focus on enhancing the comfort of front row seating to attract moviegoers. This decision reflects the importance of customer feedback and highlights the evolving preferences of movie enthusiasts.


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