Anker, a company best known for its smartphone power adapters and USB cables, has ventured into a new market with the launch of its Solix line of products. The Solix line is aimed at providing power to homes even when the grid goes down. The products include a home solar energy storage system that is modular and can power everything in your house. The system can be outfitted with as little as 5kWh of power or as much as 180kWh and is designed to be similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. However, unlike Tesla’s Powerwall, Anker’s solution can be made compatible with existing solar panels or new Anker-provided ones.

Anker has not released pricing details for its Solix battery but plans to make the system available globally in 2024. The battery uses LFP batteries, which are stacked in modules vertically, with the control system settled on top. It is also connected to a smartphone app that makes it easy to monitor and manage the stored energy.

Solarbank Battery Pack

Anker is also introducing a new Solarbank battery pack that can work with its balcony solar panel. The Solarbank battery pack is expandable from 1.6kWh to 3.2kWh and works with most existing micro-inverters, including the one bundled with Anker’s two-panel plug-and-play Solix Balcony Solution. European apartment and condo dwellers can now get in on home energy storage by sacrificing the walk-out space that was previously worth the extra monthly rent or mortgage. The Solarbank battery pack is similar to a mini Powerwall and can store energy for later use.

Apart from the Solix battery and Solarbank battery pack, Anker is also adding the Solix brand name to its current products like the F2000 rollaway suitcase portable power station. The F2000 rollaway suitcase portable power station has a 2048Wh battery that can be doubled with an additional expansion battery. It can also be charged with an optional 200W solar panel generator accessory.

Home energy storage is a growing market, and companies like Anker and EcoFlow are making it more accessible. Anker’s Solix line of products is a step in the right direction as it aims to provide affordable and modular home solar energy storage solutions for everyone. With the Solix brand name, Anker is now competing with other established brands like Tesla.


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