Antstream Arcade, a subscription service focused on preserving classic games, has made its way to Xbox consoles. With over 1,300 retro games available, including popular titles like Mortal Kombat, Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Double Dragon, subscribers can now stream these nostalgic games on modern platforms.

Supporting Retro Releases and Community-Based Play

Originally created to safeguard classic games that are at risk of disappearing, Antstream Arcade has since expanded its offerings to include modern “retro” releases by indie developers. Additionally, the service allows for community-based play through retro game challenges, providing a social gaming experience for subscribers.

Officially Licensed and Emulated Games

Antstream Arcade ensures that every title included in its subscription service is officially licensed by the rights holders. Although the games rely on emulation, each one has been included with permission, allowing Antstream to legally gather and preserve retro titles. This official capacity distinguishes the service from other unauthorized emulation platforms.

Xbox’s Support and Future Preservation

In an unexpected turn, Xbox has embraced Antstream Arcade, making the long-running service available on the console. Microsoft’s support for the service aligns with its commitment to gaming accessibility and nostalgia. Sarah Bond, CVP of game creator experience and ecosystem at Microsoft, expressed excitement about the ability to share these retro gaming experiences with friends and family on Xbox consoles.

Antstream Arcade’s launch on Xbox serves as a stepping stone for the preservation and delivery of retro games. By leveraging Microsoft’s technology benefits and Azure cloud services, the service aims to prevent games from being lost to time. The team behind Antstream Arcade is dedicated to crafting a catalogue of titles that not only raise awareness of gaming history but also keep the spirit of their creators alive.

Subscription Pricing

Antstream Arcade is now available for Xbox consoles, offering a one-year subscription for $29.99 and a lifetime subscription for $79.99. With these affordable options, enthusiasts can relive their favorite retro gaming moments and discover new classics on their modern gaming devices.


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