Respawn and EA have officially announced the newest character to join Apex Legends: Ballistic. The gunslinger is a seasoned veteran who can use a range of abilities to outgun opponents. Ballistic is the game’s 24th character, but he is also the most straightforward one to date – fitting his backstory as one of the oldest former competitors in Apex Legends fiction.

Ballistic’s Abilities

Ballistic’s abilities are simple but effective. His passive ability, Sling, allows him to carry three weapons instead of two, giving players more options on the battlefield. While his tactical ability, Whistler, shoots a guided projectile that heats up enemies’ guns, causing damage as they shoot. The ability can be guided but requires players to hold the tactical button to lock-on.

Ballistic’s ultimate ability, Tempest, is a team player’s dream. It dramatically boosts the reload and movement speed of nearby allies and grants them infinite ammo. Additionally, it upgrades the Sling weapon to gold. The weapon cannot take attachments, but the added firepower is worth it.

The Arsenal update for Apex Legends includes Ballistic, a new weapon mastery system, a greatly expanded firing range to aid player training, and changes to the World’s Edge map.

Overall, Ballistic is an exciting addition to the Apex Legends universe. He is a no-nonsense character whose abilities are easy to understand and use. His inclusion in the game is sure to shake up the meta and provide players with new strategies to try out in the arena.


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