Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Apex Legends community will have the opportunity to vote for a limited-time mode (LTM) that will get its own dedicated playlist during the game’s first in-game event called Arsenal. The community can choose between three modes: Control, Team Deathmatch, or Gun Run, and vote for their favorite on the official website until May 8th.

Event Details

The event is set to roll out on May 9th, and players are invited to “tune in to the Apex Legends channels” from May 18th to see which mode the community chose. In the meantime, players can still participate in the current limited-time mode, Apex Legends: Revelry, which is running until May 9th and features TDM Unshielded Deadeye.

New Cosmetic Items

To complement the new mode, Respawn has also released 24 new cosmetic items that can be unlocked throughout the event, including new Legendary skins for Wattson, Rampart, and Gibraltar. Unlocking all the items will secure Caustic’s new Prestige skin, Apex Contagion.

Additionally, Apex Legends: Arsenal will introduce a new system called Weapon Mastery, which rewards players’ gunplay and patience with rare cosmetics, including legendary weapon skins. Fans of the game can also look forward to the addition of a new character who is a father protecting his son, but some players find him “arguably terrible.”

Overall, Apex Legends is giving its community a chance to choose the next limited-time mode playlist, which promises to add more excitement to the game’s first in-game event.


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