Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is set to launch next week, bringing with it a range of changes to the game, including the introduction of a new weapon mastery system, a new legend, and the end of seasonal ranked splits. However, one of the most valuable additions to the game is the new anti-cheat system that addresses the issue of cheaters, bots, and smurfs in Ranked Mode. During Season 17 previews, Respawn revealed their latest anti-cheat measures, which include an all-new matchmaking system that takes into account pre-made squads and balances them for competitive advantages.

In addition to this, the minimum account level required to gain access to Ranked Mode has been increased from 20 to 50. This change will help to slow down smurfs and give developers more time to detect cheaters who try to quickly get into high-level Ranked matches. Developers have also decided to “decouple MMR and LP,” with LP replacing the current RP system in Season 17’s new Ranked Mode scoring system. This means that the matchmaker will build games based on skill, not purely on ladder placement, making it harder for cheaters to sandbag their points and stomp on lower-skilled players.

Respawn has also introduced provisional matches to reduce the negative effects of cheaters, keeping them from moving up the ladder too quickly and giving developers more time to catch them. The team is continuing to work on refining bot-detection and reducing the time it takes to ban.

Combatting Collusion

Another issue that Respawn is targeting in Season 17 is collusion, or cooperating with the enemy for the purpose of farming kills to climb through the ranks. The new scoring changes, such as only receiving LP for unique kills and unique assists, mean that players can no longer farm their points with Respawn Beacons. Respawn has also introduced new detection methods to ensure fair play for all.

In conclusion, Respawn is committed to ensuring competitive integrity in Apex Legends and is actively working to address and improve issues related to cheaters, smurfs, and other bad-faith players. With the introduction of Season 17, players are likely to notice a big difference in Ranked Mode, especially with the recent resolution of dozens of in-game bugs that turned out to be the result of “a single line of code.” Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal launches next Tuesday, May 9, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.


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