Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former bodybuilding champion and actor, recently discussed what he believes happens after death. In an interview with Danny DeVito for Interview Magazine, Schwarzenegger stated that when our physical bodies die, that’s it. Regarding the spiritual aspect of death, he admitted that he is not an expert in that area. He acknowledged that the idea of seeing loved ones again in heaven sounds appealing, but it is simply a fantasy. Schwarzenegger believes that the reality is that we will never see each other again after we pass away, which he finds sad.

Personal feelings

Schwarzenegger admitted that he is not comfortable with the idea of death because he will miss everything. He expressed his frustration with the fact that death is a reality, and it angers him. He finds it difficult to accept that the people he loves will be gone one day. He cited the example of sitting with Danny DeVito, knowing that one day they will never be able to sit together again.

Beliefs of Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito, Schwarzenegger’s co-star in the movie “Twins,” shared his own beliefs about what happens after death. He believes that heaven is a place in his mind where he keeps the people he has loved and who have made a significant difference in his life. He described it as a front row of friends that he always keeps in his thoughts. Thinking of them gives him a good feeling, and he believes that they are always with him.

Nicolas Cage’s beliefs

In a previous interview, actor Nicolas Cage was asked about his beliefs regarding death. He claimed that everyone has a spark, and this spark might be able to continue in some form after death. He believes that electricity is eternal and that the spark keeps going even after the body dies. Whether or not this spark has consciousness, he believes, is impossible to know for sure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Nicolas Cage all have different beliefs about what happens after death. Schwarzenegger believes that we will never see each other again after we die, which he finds sad. DeVito believes that the people he loves are always with him in his thoughts, providing him with comfort. Cage believes that there might be some form of continuation of the spark that animates our bodies. While their beliefs may differ, they all share a fascination with the mystery of what happens after we die.


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