A retail listing for the rumored Beats Studio Buds Plus was accidentally published on Amazon ahead of the official announcement. According to the listing, the Studio Buds Plus will be released on May 18th, priced at $169.95, which is a $20 increase from the standard Studio Buds released in 2021. The buds share a similar design to the original pair, but with upgrades such as more powerful active noise cancellation, better air venting, and an improved transparency mode.

Comparison with AirPods Pro

The Studio Buds Plus will be competing with the second-generation AirPods Pro, which have been praised for their audio fidelity, noise cancellation, and adaptive transparency mode. While the Beats product may not outperform the AirPods Pro, it is a step closer than the original Studio Buds.


The Amazon listing mentions that the Studio Buds Plus will have 36 hours of total battery life, larger microphones to improve voice call quality, and four sizes of bundled ear tips, including an extra small set. The buds will also support spatial audio and offer features such as hands-free Siri and Find My integration. Although the Studio Buds Plus do not contain an Apple-branded chip like the AirPods, they offer some of the same features. The buds are marketed to both iPhone and Android customers.

In addition to black, the Studio Buds Plus will be available in white. Excitement for the new buds is high, with many looking forward to exploring the upgrades and improvements made from the original Studio Buds. The Amazon listing is likely to disappear soon, but the leak has given us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Beats product.


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