Bethesda has recently unveiled three captivating animated videos that delve into the retro aesthetics and world of their highly anticipated game, Starfield. These videos follow various citizens and offer a glimpse into their lives. Soundtracked with mesmerizing instrumentals, the videos showcase moments of sci-fi action, leaving room for interpretation and intrigue.

The first video, titled “Supra Et Ultra,” takes us on a journey with a mail courier as he traverses through New Atlantis, the bustling capital of the United Colonies. We witness him gazing at a sign representing the Vanguard faction, sparking his curiosity. He proceeds to fill out an enlistment form, presumably embarking on a new adventure among the stars.

A Glimpse into the Streets of Neon

In the second video, “The Hand That Feeds,” we are introduced to two street-dwelling thieves surviving in the vibrant and unforgiving streets of Neon on Volii Alpha. The city is under the tight grip of Ryuijin Industries, a powerful corporation. Through this short animation, we catch a glimpse of the struggles faced by those living in the shadows, yearning for a better life.

Hopes and Dreams of an Orphan

The third video focuses on an orphan residing on Akila, a planet teeming with challenges. Despite the hardships, this young individual aspires to escape their current circumstances and find solace in the vastness of space. Through their story, we witness the resilience and determination that drives them to dream of a brighter future.

A Glimpse into the Futuristic Society

While these videos may not explicitly reveal the gameplay mechanics of Starfield, they do provide valuable insights into the overall tone and style of the game. Each video hints at a futuristic society where space symbolizes freedom and power. The retrofuturism inspirations are evident, as the filters and animation styles pay homage to television broadcasts from the 1950s and 1960s.

Although it remains uncertain whether these specific characters will appear in Starfield, their individual narratives effectively paint a vivid picture of what players can expect from the game. Through these videos, Bethesda showcases their commitment to delivering a deeply immersive and engaging narrative experience.

Bethesda’s release of these visually stunning videos offers fans a tantalizing glimpse into the world of Starfield. With its retro aesthetics, captivating characters, and intriguing narratives, the game promises to transport players to a future filled with boundless possibilities.


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