Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that Overwatch 2 story missions will be released in August as part of a $15 bundle called Overwatch 2: Invasion. However, the game’s executive producer, Jared Neuss, has cautioned players that there will likely be a significant gap between new story updates. During a Twitch stream with streamer Emongg, Neuss stated, “Don’t expect the next round of story missions in the next season and the season after that, or anything like that.” He explained that striking a balance between quickly delivering story content to players while allowing enough time for adjustments and additional features poses a challenge.

Fillers in the Meantime

Neuss later clarified that although the gap between story updates may be lengthy, Blizzard has plans for other content releases in the next year to keep players engaged. He stated, “To be fair, there’s a bunch of stuff that we want to do next year, or that are already in development for next year, that will fill the gaps that people will have in between.” The goal is to ensure that players do not feel a prolonged absence of new content but rather a continuous stream of interesting narratives and experiences.

No New Story Content in 2023?

Based on Neuss’ comments and the typical structure of Overwatch 2 seasons, it is unlikely that any additional story content will be released in 2023 after the launch of Invasion in August. Blizzard has emphasized that the PvE story missions will take place on larger maps with unique terrain features not typically found in PvP maps. This shift towards story missions as the primary focus of PvE content came after the cancellation of plans for an open-ended PvE Hero mode. However, the announcement that story missions would only be accessible through a paid bundle has sparked frustration among fans, particularly because PvE was considered the main reason for Overwatch 2 being developed as a separate title.

Frustration and Anticipation

Blizzard’s handling of Overwatch 2 has drawn mixed reactions from the community. While fans eagerly anticipate the release of story missions, the delay and the additional cost have left some feeling dissatisfied. The decision to prioritize story content over the previously planned PvE Hero mode has also raised concerns. Despite these frustrations, players can still look forward to other content releases in the coming year to bridge the gap between story updates.

In summary, Overwatch 2 players should brace themselves for a multi-season break between story updates. While the delay may disappoint some, Blizzard aims to compensate with other engaging content to maintain player interest. The absence of new story missions in 2023 seems probable, as Blizzard focuses on delivering larger maps and unique terrain features for the PvE experience. The transition from the canceled PvE Hero mode to story missions has sparked frustration, especially considering the additional cost. Nonetheless, fans can anticipate a continuous flow of captivating narratives as Blizzard strives to keep the Overwatch 2 community engaged.


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