Blizzard has released a new developer design video on Diablo 4, which focuses on player choice and the different character classes in the action RPG. Players will have to choose from five fan-favorite classes, including the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid. The Druid class will allow players to transform into a werewolf and take part in werewolf activities. Although it may take around 150+ hours for an average player to hit the Level 100 cap, players can still enjoy the game and bring their favorite playstyle into Diablo 4, regardless of the class they choose.

Endgame Content

Blizzard also revealed details on the Paragon Board, an endgame table that allows players to use Paragon points and delve into the minutiae of character builds. The table is stacked with tiny nodes, which can be filled out after players have completed their other skill trees. This feature is sure to appeal to hardcore Diablo players who are looking for more customization and control over their character builds.

Blizzard is also giving players one more chance to try out Diablo 4 before its summer launch with a “Server Slam” event between May 12-14th. The game promises to offer “near endless” customization, which includes unique hairstyles for each class. Players can look forward to bigger loot and/or flashier AOE abilities this time around.

In conclusion, with the release of the developer design video, Blizzard has shared new details about the character classes and endgame content for Diablo 4. The game promises to offer players a wide range of customization options, and fans of the previous Diablo games can bring their favorite playstyle into the upcoming action RPG. The Paragon Board is sure to appeal to hardcore players, who are looking for more control over their character builds. With the upcoming open playtest, players can look forward to experiencing the game’s features for themselves before its summer launch.


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