Shadowman, Valiant Entertainment’s comic franchise, has a storied history in the video game industry. In 1999, Acclaim’s Shadow Man adventure put the property on the map, with unexpected popularity and critical acclaim leading to a sequel, 2second Coming, and a 2022 remaster. Now, Australian developer Blowfish Studios is capitalizing on renewed interest in the franchise with a new sequel, subtitled “Darque Legacy.”

The game appears to be a spiritual successor to the cult franchise, continuing the story of Shadowman through Jack Boniface, a novice warrior tasked with defending the world from the forces of the mysterious “Deadside,” a growing evil. “For centuries, the Boniface family has carried a dark legacy – the mantle of the Shadowman, walker between worlds, sworn to preserve the veil between life and death. Now, novice Shadowman Jack Boniface is thrust into the path of a growing evil that threatens everything his predecessors fought for,” the game’s description reads.

To achieve peace, Boniface will need to harness new abilities to clash against “a horrifying cast of enemies,” including cultists, necromancers, and various mythical creatures. He’ll also need to traverse the gothic “Liveside” and the dark “Deadside,” a hellish realm filled with dark reflections.

Boniface was the original Shadowman in the comic series of the same name but was passed over in the original games in favor of the second Shadowman, Michael LeRoi. In this game, LeRoi takes a backseat as Boniface reclaims his long-standing legacy.

Shadowman: Darque Legacy is being developed for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, and is currently targeting a 2024 launch. Clinton McCleary, Game Director at Blowfish Studios, said, “It’s been an honor to breathe new life into such an iconic IP, with Shadowman’s first venture into gaming since the PlayStation 2 era. We’re looking forward to ushering fans into the horrifying, punishing, but rewarding experience we’ve crafted.”

Russell Brown, President of Consumer Products at Valiant Entertainment, said, “In Shadowman: Darque Legacy, our friends at Blowfish Studios have been working with our team at Valiant to write the story and are creating a unique, carefully crafted, spine-chilling Shadowman experience. We can’t wait for Shadowman fans to jump into this action-horror adventure and for gamer fans to get introduced to Shadowman and the Valiant Universe.”

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