Bluesky, the decentralized Twitter alternative created by Twitter itself, is slowly gaining traction. Although it is still invite-only, Bluesky has recently filled up with tech media and other individuals who have been begging for an invite to join. While the platform is still missing a few table-stakes features like video uploads and DMs, it is starting to look promising.

On Thursday, some of the internet’s biggest names joined the platform, including Dril, AOC, and WeRateDogs. Darth, the Sith Lord red panda, and Hard Drive, the satirical video game publication, also joined the platform. Bluesky even survived a downtime because of its massive surge in new users.

Although the platform is still unfinished, it has a real energy about it right now. While Bluesky is not yet a full replacement for Twitter, it could potentially become one in the future if necessary features get added soon. The Bluesky team is also active on the platform, and they have been very responsive to issues that have arisen.

There are still some concerns about the platform, such as the performative posts and the lack of necessary features. However, the Bluesky team is working on adding these features soon, and the decentralized features like account portability could attract more users to the platform.

In conclusion, Bluesky is the rising Twitter alternative that may just be what people have been waiting for. Although it is still in its early stages, it has a real energy about it, and it could potentially become a replacement for Twitter in the future. With the Bluesky team actively working on improving the platform and adding necessary features, it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


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