The upcoming game, Star Wars Outlaws, is set in the time period between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The developers at Massive Entertainment are striving to not only capture the essence of this fictional era but also the visual style of the time when the movies were made. In an interview with Edge Magazine, creative director Julian Gerighty explained their approach, drawing parallels to BioWare’s original Mass Effect.

Gerighty revealed that the team has been working on technology that replicates the cinematic qualities of the ’70s era. They have incorporated elements such as vignetting, film grain, lens breathing, the curvature of a thicker lens, and slight lens flares. These subtle effects come together to create a more immersive and cinematic experience for players. The intention is to provide a similar feel to the original Star Wars films and evoke nostalgia for that era.

Taking Inspiration from Mass Effect

To gain a better understanding of the visual style they wanted to achieve, the developers turned to BioWare’s Mass Effect series. Although Mass Effect is not directly based on an existing film franchise, the studio aimed to recreate the look and feel of classic science fiction. The use of intense film grain and other effects in Mass Effect helped establish a distinct visual identity that resonated with players. Gerighty expressed his admiration for these effects, appreciating how they enhanced the overall experience of the game.

While effects like film grain and vignetting have sparked debates among gamers, it is expected that Star Wars Outlaws will approach them more subtly. It is likely that players will have the option to enable or disable these effects according to their preferences. However, for enthusiasts who appreciate the nostalgic charm of lo-fi aesthetics, the inclusion of these effects in the game is a welcomed addition.

Paying Homage to Practical Effects

Gerighty also mentioned that Star Wars Outlaws features an adorable animal companion named Nix. He revealed the influence of the practical effects used in the original Star Wars movies on the creation of this character. The puppeteered critters from the classic Star Wars era left a lasting impact, and the team at Massive Entertainment sought to capture that same magic in Outlaws.

In summary, Star Wars Outlaws aims to authentically capture the essence of the era between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The developers have taken inspiration from BioWare’s Mass Effect series and its attention to visual detail. By incorporating subtle effects such as film grain and vignetting, Star Wars Outlaws enhances the cinematic experience for players. Additionally, the game pays homage to the practical effects of the original Star Wars movies through the creation of Nix, an adorable animal companion. Fans of both Star Wars and Mass Effect can look forward to a game that embraces the aesthetics of the past while delivering an immersive and nostalgic experience.


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