Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is an epilogue in the form of DLC. While the Frozen Wilds DLC of Horizon Zero Dawn was a separate journey, Burning Shores picks up right where Forbidden West left off. The DLC is centered around Aloy’s hunt for a remaining Zenith in Los Angeles. However, critics have criticized the length of the DLC, but it still manages to have serious implications for Aloy’s story going forward.

A New Companion

The central focus of Burning Shores is the introduction of Seyka, a Quen marine who is very similar to Aloy. She is an outcast like Aloy and breaks rules to find answers. Their shared perspective leads to a blossoming friendship, and at the end of the story, players have the option to take the relationship further. Many fans have been waiting for this moment, and it felt like a natural conclusion to their time together. Although it is not a conclusion, but more of a beginning for their relationship. Seyka needs to work with Alva to reunite the Quen, and Aloy has a lot to do ahead of Nemesis’ impending arrival. The hope is that Seyka will be a part of the next Horizon game, and her introduction feels like a natural evolution.

Fighting Nemesis

Burning Shores’ potential impact is not just about romance but also about friendship. The DLC begins and ends with words from Sylens, the baddie turned almost ally by the end of Horizon Forbidden West. Lance Reddick voiced Sylens, who passed away during the development of the game. In Burning Shores’ final mission, Sylens admits that he needs Aloy and her crew to fight Nemesis. This is huge for his character arc so far, and it will be interesting to see how Guerrilla resolves the loss of Reddick in the next game.

In conclusion, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores is a DLC that sets up the future of the franchise. The introduction of Seyka and Sylens’ character arc are significant for the next game. While the DLC’s length may be criticized, it still manages to have serious implications for Aloy’s story going forward.


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