Capcom recently hosted a Street Fighter 6 showcase, where they announced a free demo of the game available for several platforms, as well as an array of new features and gameplay details to look forward to. This preview allows players to experience a small portion of the game’s adventure-like World Tour mode, and also includes one-on-one or ‘extreme’ battles with fighters Ryu and Luke.

New Features

Capcom also announced an exciting range of new features to be included in Street Fighter 6, such as dynamic battle damage, custom move sets in World Tour mode, and detailed tutorials for both newcomers and experienced players. These features are sure to enhance the gameplay experience and make it more immersive for players.

Full Year of Game Content

Furthermore, Capcom revealed that there will be a full year of game content, with new fighters scheduled to be added every few months until 2024. The recently announced lineup includes A.K.I., Rashid, Ed, and Akuma, with more fighters expected to be added in the game’s subsequent seasons of content.

Availability of Demo

The free demo is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners, as well as on Xbox and PC. This will provide newcomers with a range of fighting modes to experiment with, while returning players can explore the colourful debut of the ‘fight anyone’ World Tour Mode in depth.

Overall, the Street Fighter 6 showcase was an exciting event for fans of the series, providing a glimpse into what they can expect when the game is released on June 2, 2023. With the new features and game content, as well as the free playable demo, players have plenty to look forward to as they anticipate the highly-anticipated game release.


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