In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the King Gleeok boss is a massive creature with three heads using different elements, making it a tough opponent. To find this secret boss, players must reach the floating arena island in the southwest corner of the sky world map, which is well above the Lightning Temple. The North Gerudo Sky Archipelago is the suggested starting point, where players can use various means to reach the huge circular structure. From there, they can use Ascend to reach the top of the structure and head southwest to find the King Gleeok.

The Cheesy Trick to Beat the Boss

The normal way to fight the King Gleeok boss is to use pillars for protection while aiming in mid-air to take shots. However, there is a cheesy trick that can make the fight a breeze. When the fight starts, position yourself at the northern portion of the island using a small rock formation as a “safe zone rock” to block the beams. To cheese the boss fight, players will need several Zonai Fans, a few Zonai Springs, a decent bow, a lot of arrows, and Fire Fruit, Ice Fruit, and Splash Fruit or Dazzle Fruit.

To start, players should drop down one fan, make sure it’s facing up, and then smack it with their weapon to get a wind current/updraft. Glide up, aim with the bow, attach different fruits, and start shooting the heads based on their weakness. Once all three heads have been stunned, players can run up to the boss and attack with their melee weapon. If the boss recovers and recasts its elemental breaths, players can reposition behind the “safe zone rock” and repeat the process until the boss is down to 40% HP.

At 40% HP, the boss will fly high up into the air and start spamming elemental strikes. Players should plop down two Zonai Springs, make sure they’re upright, and attach them to each other. Hop on one, then do a jumping attack to activate it and get a massive boost in verticality. At the top of the jump, players can aim with the bow to slow down time and start shooting each head once more. Players can even attach other materials, such as those with high fuse attack or Bomb Flowers, to increase their chances of defeating the boss.

In conclusion, with a bit of luck and patience, players should be able to beat the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom King Gleeok secret boss using this cheesy trick. They will receive a Sage’s Will and can pick up numerous Gleeok materials, including those of different elements. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only King Gleeok in the game, as players can find others flying above some floating islands.


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