Cocoon, the new game from Geometric Interactive, has been gaining a lot of attention recently. The game, created by former Playdead Games employees Jepp Carlsen and Jakob Shmid, has been described as a puzzle-focused game with its own ideas, puzzles, and intentions. The game has been compared to Limbo and Inside, two of Playdead’s sidescrolling platformers, which are considered to be among the best indie games of all time.

Cocoon: A Unique Game

Cocoon is a unique game that combines puzzle-solving with platforming elements. The game’s art style is reminiscent of games like Supergiant Games or Monument Valley’s Ustwo, but it also has its own unique look and feel. The game is set in multiple worlds, each contained within a magical orb. Players take on the role of a green-winged insect tasked with guiding each world orb through a network of pressure plates and pipes. Players must flit between the overworld and inside each orb’s biome as they progress through the game.

The game’s puzzles are the focus of the gameplay, and players must solve increasingly difficult environmental conundrums to progress. The game’s learning curve is firm but never unfair, and players must overcome David vs. Goliath-style battles at the end of each zone. These battles lend each finale a hint of Dark Souls for good measure.

Cocoon: A Challenging Game

Cocoon is a challenging game that requires players to think outside the box. One particularly challenging set-piece involves Pipe Mania, a puzzler that’s been adapted as a mini-game in loads of games over the years, not least System Shock and BioShock. Players must drop an orb into a pipe from a platform above, before pegging down to each junction in turn, fiddling with the direction of the pipework, and guiding the orb to a location downhill of their starting point.

Boss battles come in all shapes and sizes, and each requires a different strategy. The one boss encountered during the demo session was a hulking bee-like creature whose crystalline trail dealt a fatal blow on impact. Dodging this was straightforward enough, but after a few hits, the boss turned its crystal emissions into deadly rotating barriers that required nimble footwork on-screen and fast fingers with the control pad in-hand.

Cocoon: A Game Worth Waiting For

Cocoon is a game that stands out from the crowd. Its puzzles are challenging and require players to think outside the box, while its platforming elements add an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. The game’s art style is beautiful and unique, and its boss battles are exciting and require players to think on their feet.

The game’s release date is still unknown, but it is expected to be released soon. With its unique gameplay, beautiful art style, and challenging puzzles, Cocoon is a game that is worth waiting for. Whether you are a fan of Limbo and Inside or just looking for a new puzzle-platformer to play, Cocoon is a game that should not be missed.


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