In the previous Box Art Brawl, we compared the box art of Batman Returns on the SNES. Japan’s comic-inspired cover art won the battle with a massive 76% of the votes while the EU’s movie-accurate approach only got 26%.

Yoshi’s Story Box Art Duel

This week, we will be comparing two different covers of Yoshi’s Story on the Nintendo 64. The game is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Europe next week, so it’s an ideal time to revisit the side-scroller game before the upcoming Zelda madness. The covers in Europe and North America are pretty much the same. Hence, we would be comparing only two entries.

North America / Europe Cover

The North America / Europe cover of Yoshi’s Story is one that most people would remember. It’s bright, colourful, and features smooth 3D sprites on the front cover. The cover has multiple Yoshis and a guest appearance from Shy Guy, giving players a good idea of the game’s tone without revealing anything specific.

Japanese Cover

The Japanese cover, on the other hand, is entirely different. It’s also bright, colourful, and features multiple Yoshis, but it has a crafted feel with an embroidery aesthetic that’s similar to the hand-made look of Yoshi’s Woolly / Crafted World. The embroidery outline might make the dinos look spikier than usual, but it’s still an eye-catching design.

Final Thoughts

It’s now time to vote for your favourite cover art in the poll below. Both covers are excellent, but which one will come out on top? Cast your votes and stay tuned for the next Box Art Brawl!


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