On May 28th, crowdfunding platform Fig went offline, resulting in all previously funded campaign pages disappearing along with it. The shutdown has left creators who were still using the platform to communicate and deliver rewards to backers scrambling to transition to other methods. Some creators, such as Double Fine and Gearbox, have already started to explore alternative options.

Double Fine, which used Fig to fund Psychonauts 2 in early 2016, recently posted an update on their Fig page stating that they were “informed that the Fig website is going to be brought offline on Sunday.” The company still needs to distribute certain backer rewards, such as plushies, art books, and physical editions, and will now communicate future updates via email. Double Fine has also moved all previous project updates to its own website.

Gearbox Publishing, which used Fig to fund Homeworld 3, posted a similar message, stating that communication would now occur via email and project updates would eventually appear on the official Homeworld site.

Launched in 2015, Fig was a crowdfunding platform specifically designed for video games. Unlike Kickstarter, Fig allowed users to invest in projects and receive a share of potential future revenue, as well as back projects. The platform had several notable industry figures on its advisory board, including Tim Schafer, Brian Fargo, and Cliff Bleszinski.

Several successful games, such as Outer Wilds, Wasteland 3, Kingdoms and Castles, Pillars of Eternity 2, and Phoenix Point, were funded through Fig, in addition to Psychonauts 2 and Homeworld 3.

In 2020, Fig was acquired by Republic, a platform that allows users to invest in startups, crypto, real estate, art, music, and more. Republic had previously announced its intention to shut down Fig, but only recently confirmed the exact date for its closure. While legacy campaigns were not migrated to the new platform, live campaigns have already been moved, and will not be impacted by the shutdown.

Currently, attempting to access the old Fig.co homepage will redirect users to a Fig category on Republic. However, the old Fig homepage can still be found at fig.co/legacy at the time of writing.

The shutdown of Fig has caused confusion and frustration for creators who relied on the platform to communicate with backers and distribute rewards. Many have been forced to find alternative methods to fulfill their obligations. Nonetheless, the industry as a whole will continue to thrive, with creators and investors alike seeking new ways to fund and develop video games.


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