Dbrand has come up with a new skin for the Nintendo Switch that looks like the Nintendo Switch OLED Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition. The “Clone of the Kingdom” skin looks like an exact replica of the Tears of the Kingdom Edition, but on closer inspection, there are a few differences. The Triforce symbol has been replaced with The Eye of Providence, a symbol often associated with conspiracy theories and the Illuminati.

What’s New in the Skin?

The skin also has some runes that read “Go f*** yourself, lawyers” and a few others that are along similar lines. This skin is different from Dbrand’s “(not) Animal Crossing” skins, which resembled hard-to-find limited-edition consoles. The genuine Tears of the Kingdom Switch is still available for purchase, but this knockoff skin sends a bit of a different, edgier statement.

Dimensions and Textures

The skin is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED. The console and dock of both devices have different dimensions, so the kits for Switch and Switch OLED are sold as unique SKUs. However, the skin is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite. The JoyCons and front of the Steam Deck are smooth to the touch, and all prints are under a protective matte laminate layer. The rear of all the consoles, including Switch, OLED, and Steam Deck, have a very subtle textural difference on alternating shapes in the concentric hexagonal pattern. The skin is designed to accurately represent the finish on the rear of the actual Tears of the Kingdom Switch.

Dbrand’s Response to Questions

When asked about the all-seeing eye in the design, Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz said, “It’s literally on money, Sean. What more do you need to know?” When asked about a backup plan in case Nintendo legally objects, Ijaz responded, “Nice try, Nintendo.”

The Dbrand skin for Nintendo Switch is a unique product that sends an edgy message to Nintendo. It is perfect for those who are unhappy with Nintendo’s recent legal campaign against the Switch emulation scene. The skin is available for pre-order at $50. If you want some concentric hexagons on your Steam Deck, you can also get it for the same price.


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