Blue Beetle is an upcoming DC movie directed by Angel Manuel Soto and starring Xolo Maridueña as Jaime Reyes, the eponymous superhero. At a recent CinemaCon panel, the duo promoted the movie while also hyping up the superhero’s suit. According to them, the suit is a young nerd’s fantasy. The first trailer for Blue Beetle teased this aspect of the suit as it said, “Whatever you can imagine, I can create.” In the trailer, Reyes conjures up a gigantic sword that rivals Cloud’s from Final Fantasy VII.

A Story About Family

Soto wanted to emphasize how important family is to this DC film, which is the first to star a Latino hero. The Reyes family is there when the scarab chooses Jaime and gives him his superpowers. Maridueña added that Jaime doesn’t even want his superpowers at first. But through his family, he finds his strength as the hero. The director also promised that there are heroic arcs throughout the movie for the Reyes family. George Lopez plays Jaime’s uncle, while Adriana Barraza portrays his grandmother. Damián Alcázar and Elpidia Carrillo play Jamie’s father and mother, respectively. The DC movie also stars Susan Sarandon and Raoul Trujillo, among others.

CinemaCon Gives Us Sneak Peeks

CinemaCon also gave us a better look at some upcoming DC films. The Flash has a new trailer that’s full of Batman and Supergirl action. There was also new footage for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which will feature “a really good bromance.”

Release Date

Blue Beetle is set to premiere on August 18 in theaters. It’s a movie about family and what it means to be a hero. With its diverse cast and emphasis on family, Blue Beetle is sure to be a hit with audiences.


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