Dambuster Studios has released an outline of what to expect from the two story expansions for Dead Island 2. The first expansion, titled Haus, is set to be released between October and December of this year. The expansion will explore how a billionaire prepares for the zombie apocalypse. The answer is a techno-death cult with a healthy dose of debauchery and gore.

Expansion 2: SOLA Festival

The second expansion, SOLA Festival, will be released sometime between April and June 2024. The story revolves around the SOLA festival, where LA’s party-goers can greenwash their way to ecstasy and save the planet one rave at a time.

Both expansions are part of the Expansion Pass add-on, and it appears that they will only be available as a bundle rather than separately. Currently, the Expansion Pass only offers a weapon and the Gaelic Queen Dani character pack, which is part of a series of premium character packs.

The Gold, Deluxe, or HELL-A Edition of Dead Island 2 will grant players access to two character packs, Silver Star Jacob and Cyber Slayer Amy, without any additional cost. Each pack comes with a new skin for the respective character and a new weapon that is available to all players.

For those who are not interested in purchasing character packs, a few new costumes have been added as part of the ‘Til Dawn’ Collection. These costumes are free to use but require players to reach the Cosplay Unlock Point in the game.

Dead Island 2 was released on the Epic Games Store earlier this year. Despite being announced almost a decade ago, the game has received positive reviews.

Overall, Dead Island 2’s upcoming story expansions offer something for fans of the game. The first expansion promises a unique take on preparing for the zombie apocalypse, while the second expansion offers a more festive and environmentally conscious storyline. The addition of new character packs and costumes provides even more options for players to customize their gaming experience.


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