Desta: The Memories Between, a colourful and tactical dodgeball game, has been released on PC and Switch today. The game was initially launched on mobiles via Netflix last year. Developed by ustwo, the creators of Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, it is a game that fans of sleepy sports should definitely check out.

The Concept

The game’s concept revolves around coping with loss by entering into your own dreams and playing fantasy sports with the ball of your late father. Desta’s dreams take you to a series of dioramas that reconstruct important locations from her memories in a surreal way. The dioramas are where the tactical dodgeball action takes place. The game is a decent mix of strategy, light RPG progression, and puzzle-solving, as each stage has a unique layout to learn and master.

Charitable Initiative

The struggles facing young people is the central theme of Desta: The Memories Between. To support this theme, the developers are donating 3% of profits to youth centres in the UK. You can read about this initiative and watch a mini-documentary on ustwo’s Steam blog.

The Dream Team Edition of the game has been released today and includes all previous updates, the digital art book, and the soundtrack. An introductory discount of 15% is available on Steam for the next week, after which the game will cost £14.30/$17/€17. The soundtrack sounds quite impressive from the snippets heard in the trailers.

In conclusion, playing fantasy sports in your dreams is a unique concept, and Desta: The Memories Between is a game that fans of the genre should definitely check out. It is a game that not only entertains but also supports a charitable cause.


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