In a recent blog post, Bungie, the creators of Destiny 2, announced an exciting quality of life change for players. The long-awaited update focuses on improving the game’s economy, specifically addressing the resource caps for masterwork materials. Alongside this improvement, however, comes the removal of a handy workaround that players have been leveraging. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these economy changes and explore their impact on the overall gameplay experience.

Increased Resource Caps

Destiny 2 players have been persistently requesting increased resource caps for the game’s masterwork materials, and Bungie has answered their call. In the upcoming update, Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Alloys will have their caps raised from 10 to 30. Moreover, Enhancement Prisms will see a significant increase from 50 to 100. These changes represent a substantial improvement that will positively impact players’ inventory management and enhance their overall gameplay experience.

The Catch: Removal of Postmaster Storage

While the increased resource caps are undoubtedly a welcome change, Bungie has decided to remove the ability to store excess materials at the Postmaster. Previously, players could surpass the theoretical cap of 40 golf balls (Ascendant Shards) by distributing them equally among the Postmasters of all three characters. However, moving forward, exceeding the cap will cause the surplus materials to behave like Glimmer, with no further accumulation until the cap is reached.

A Potential Risk for Players

The removal of the Postmaster storage option introduces a potential risk for players who fail to diligently manage their inventory. If your Postmaster is full and you receive a valuable drop, like a Legendary engram, any excess golf balls in your possession may be automatically deleted to create space. Losing a stack of golf balls can be devastating and lead to immense frustration among players. To avoid such losses, it is crucial for players to remain vigilant and regularly organize their inventory.

The Reasoning Behind the Removal

Bungie’s decision to remove the Postmaster storage option likely stems from technical reasons. Allowing players to accumulate such a large number of resources within the Postmaster could potentially lead to backend system issues and hinder overall game performance. While some players may be disappointed by this change, the improved inventory access and management without relying on the Postmaster is, overall, a valuable addition to the game.

Looking Ahead

Destiny 2’s upcoming season promises significant changes to the game’s economy, starting with the increased resource caps for masterwork materials. Although the removal of the Postmaster storage option presents a potential risk, the enhanced inventory access and management outweigh any inconveniences for most players. Bungie assures us that this update is only the beginning, with more economic changes planned for the future to maintain a healthy in-game economy. So, Guardians, get ready to stock up on those golf balls and prepare for an exciting new season in Destiny 2!


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