Poncle, the developers behind popular game Vampire Survivors, have announced a partnership with media company Story Kitchen to potentially create an animated television series based on the game. Story Kitchen is headed up by Sonic movie co-producer Dmitri Johnson, John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, and former APA agent Mike Goldberg.

Excitement from the developers

Luca Galante, creator of Vampire Survivors, expressed his excitement about the potential series. He stated that the story is the most important aspect of the game and that it is a dream come true to see it come to life as a television show. Galante also expressed his pleasure in partnering with experienced and talented individuals to create the series.

The premise of the game

Vampire Survivors centers around battling supernatural beasts and unlocking increasingly powerful supernatural weapons. The game is simple, engrossing, and possesses a thin premise for a television show. Despite its title, there are no actual vampires in the game.

Early stages of development

Although the project has been announced, it is still in the earliest stages of development. The project is seeking a writer and will then be shopped around to television networks. If no one buys the series, it will not happen. This is a common occurrence in the entertainment industry, as many announced adaptations do not come to fruition.

Possible Adaptations

Kolstad is also attached to write the screenplay for a Streets Of Rage movie adaptation, which was announced last year by Dmitri Johnson’s dj2 Entertainment. There have been a plethora of other in-development adaptations announced in recent years by dj2, most of which have not yet come to fruition, including It Takes Two, Disco Elysium, Sleeping Dogs, My Friend Pedro, and many more.


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