Independent games publisher Devolver Digital recently made the bold move of announcing a series of delays to several highly anticipated titles in their upcoming lineup. Aptly named Devolver Delayed, this announcement pokes fun at the famous Nintendo Direct presentations. While the delays are disappointing for eager fans, they come with the promise of further development time for the small teams behind these unique games.

The Delayed Games

Among the titles affected by the delays are The Plucky Squire, Stick It To The Stickman, Skate Story, Anger Foot, and Pepper Grinder. These games were originally slated for release in 2023 but have now been pushed back to 2024. While it is disheartening for fans to wait longer, the decision to delay these games suggests that the developers are striving for a higher quality end product.

A Visual Feast: The Plucky Squire

One of the standout games in Devolver’s lineup is The Plucky Squire. With its visually stunning concept, this game immerses players in a unique 2D-to-3D world. The protagonist, a character from a children’s book, seamlessly transitions from 2D pages to a beautifully realized 3D environment. This innovative approach to art direction showcases the potential for a captivating gameplay experience.

Skate Story, another delayed title, offers players a visually arresting and ethereal skateboarding experience. Set in a brutal dimension made of concrete, the protagonist is made of fragile glass. Falling results in shattering into pieces, which adds a traumatic yet mesmerizing element to the gameplay. Despite the delay, this game promises a unique combination of beauty and tension.

Anger Foot: A Gross-Out Adventure

On the other end of the spectrum, Anger Foot embraces a grotesque and bulbous aesthetic. Already proving its appeal with its intense first-person stages, this game features a character that appears to be a human/frog hybrid. Engaging in explosive combat, players send enemies flying into the environment with powerful kicks. The accompanying heart-thumping soundtrack further immerses players into the chaotic world of Anger Foot.

To soften the blow of the delays, Devolver also showcased titles that are still on track for release in 2023. These games include Gunbrella, Wizard with a Gun, The Talos Principle 2, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, KarmaZoo, Broforce Forever, and DLC for McPixel 3. These titles offer a variety of genres, ensuring gamers will have a diverse selection to look forward to in the coming year.

While the delays certainly disappoint fans eagerly awaiting the release of Devolver Digital’s games, they also provide an opportunity for the development teams to refine and polish their creations. The extended development time can lead to a higher quality end product, offering players a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the announcement of additional titles for 2023 ensures that fans will still have a range of exciting games to anticipate. The future looks bright for Devolver Digital, and gamers can look forward to an even stronger lineup in 2024.


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