Blizzard, the creators of Diablo 4, have announced two major changes to improve the endgame experience for players. The changes will focus on Nightmare Dungeons, which are intended to be the best way to grind XP, but have not been as efficient as running standard dungeons.

Increase in XP gains

Game director Joe Shely explains in a new dev video that they will increase the amount of XP that players get from Nightmare Dungeons. The aim of this change is to make Nightmare Dungeons more efficient than side dungeons, which are designed to be more replayable.

Players have been concerned about the XP grinding in Diablo 4, especially since getting to level 85 only means that they are halfway to level 100. The increased XP gains will be a welcome change for players who want to level up more quickly and efficiently.

Modification of sigils

The second change that the Diablo 4 devs are making is to modify the way that sigils work. Sigils will now create a waypoint that players can teleport directly to, which will prevent them from having to spend time traveling between dungeons. This change will allow players to loop Nightmare Dungeons and improve their overall experience.


The Diablo 4 devs are working hard to implement these changes before season one, which is expected to launch sometime in mid-to-late July. They are aware that players are eagerly anticipating the updated endgame experience, and they want to ensure that the changes are in place before the start of the first season.

The Diablo 4 devs are making significant changes to improve the endgame experience for players. The increased XP gains and modification of sigils will make Nightmare Dungeons more efficient and enjoyable to play. Players can look forward to a more streamlined and rewarding endgame experience in Diablo 4.


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