Despite some players experiencing glitches and bugs in early runs, the competition is heating up for hardcore Diablo 4 players to be one of the first 1000 players to hit level 100 on hardcore mode. At the time of writing, Wudijo, a well-known name in the Diablo community, looks set to hit the finish line first as they are currently sitting on level 82. Ben_, Carn_, and Alkaizerx follow in second, third, and fourth place, respectively, with all three players on level 77. Nugiyen, Zizaran, and Steelmage are next in line, all at level 76, with Shroud, Maximum, and Imexile rounding out the top 10 in that order, with levels 73, 73, and 73, respectively.

Of the top 10, Maximum and Imexile have done particularly well, as both crashed out early due to in-game bugs that scuppered their first runs several hours into their inaugural attempts. The top three players pursuing the softcore mode are Rob2628, Aristoblast, and Rengar, respectively. To keep on top of the scoreboard and find out more, head on over to Diablobuilds on Twitch, which is monitoring the race to world first via a livestream.

The race has not been without controversy, however. When some fans first heard about the race, they took to the Diablo 4 subreddit to complain that even with a reset that wiped content creators’ and reviewers’ progress ahead of the early access period, some would have an “extreme unfair advantage” because even if their data is deleted, the player “who already know[s] everything about bosses, acts and how to gear and level will have an advantage over [a] player who never done it”.

When challenged, Blizzard GM Rod Fergusson asked, “how does deleting all their progress and making them start at the same time as everyone else give them an unfair advantage?” Nevertheless, some players called for anyone with “pre-release full access [to] be ineligible” to enter the race.

In other news, a Diablo 4 player has managed to beat the Butcher despite being incredibly underlevelled. The Butcher is known for being a meat-hooking nightmare that turns up at random in dungeons and has killed off many hardcore runs. However, in this case, the Butcher became stuck behind a wall of minions who beat the Butcher whilst the player idles quietly at the bottom of the screen.

As the race to world first in Diablo 4’s hardcore mode continues, some players are facing glitches and bugs, but many are pushing through to reach level 100. While there has been some controversy over unfair advantages, the competition remains fierce and exciting. Who will be the first to cross the finish line? Only time will tell.


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