The highly anticipated Diablo 4 1.1.0 patch notes have finally been released, and they bring with them a significant change that has caught the attention of players worldwide. In a developer’s note, Blizzard acknowledges that the Affix known as Vulnerable has become so essential that it feels mandatory for optimal gameplay. With the aim of promoting build diversity and addressing the dominance of certain Affixes, Blizzard has made several adjustments in the latest seasonal patch.

Addressing the Overpowered Affixes

Blizzard recognizes that many Affixes in Diablo 4 are currently too efficient, overshadowing alternative options. To rectify this issue, the developers have decided to rein in these outliers and elevate the overlooked build possibilities. Vulnerable, in particular, has emerged as a must-have for most high-tier builds, making it a crucial element in rebalancing the game.

Blizzard acknowledges, “We’re seeing Critical Strike Damage and Vulnerable Damage often viewed as a hard requirement for a build’s success in Diablo 4. We believe this is a step towards allowing more builds to flourish and will continue to make changes in support of this goal.” In line with this objective, the patch notes outline the following modifications to the Affixes:

– Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by approximately 17%
– Lightning Critical Strike Damage: Reduced by approximately 17%
– Critical Strike Damage with Bone, Earth, Imbued, and Werewolf Skills: Reduced by approximately 17%
– Vulnerable Damage: Reduced by approximately 40%
– Critical Strike Damage (Inherent on Swords): Reduced by approximately 50%
– Vulnerable Damage (Inherent on Crossbows): Reduced by approximately 65%

Additionally, Blizzard has implemented nerfs to other Diablo 4 Affixes, including core stat bonuses on weapons, cooldown reduction, and damage to crowd controlled enemies. The overall intention is to shift power from defensive Affixes to offensive ones, making it more challenging to combat monsters above one’s level. While Blizzard aims to support the idea of players challenging themselves, they believe that the current situation exceeds what is deemed suitable for the long-term health of the game.

Rebalancing and Buffing Affixes

Despite the numerous nerfs, players need not despair, as the patch also introduces several Affix buffs that enhance various aspects of gameplay. These buffs include:

– Raw damage (physical, fire, etc.) and damage over time
– Damage with specific weapons
– Skill damage types (Companion, Werewolf, Cutthroat, etc.)
– Attack Speed and damage after dodging an attack

By rebalancing the Affixes and simultaneously providing buffs to certain aspects, Blizzard endeavors to create a more diverse and engaging gameplay experience. The changes aim to encourage players to explore different build options and experiment with various Affix combinations, ultimately fostering a healthier and more dynamic gaming environment.

In the latest Diablo 4 patch, Blizzard has taken significant steps towards addressing the dominance of certain Affixes and promoting build diversity. By reducing the power of overused Affixes like Vulnerable and Critical Strike Damage, while simultaneously buffing others, the developers aim to create a more balanced and engaging gameplay experience. These changes will enable players to explore new build possibilities and experiment with different Affix combinations, ultimately revitalizing the long-term health of the game.


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