Players of Diablo 4 who have completed the campaign on normal or “softcore” difficulty can now skip the whole campaign when they switch to hardcore mode. This exciting discovery was announced by a Reddit user u/Jsemtady who shared the news on the Diablo 4 subreddit. The post has generated a lot of positive feedback from other players who have found it to be a huge advantage.


According to the post by u/Jsemtady, once a player completes the campaign on normal difficulty, they can create a new character on hardcore and skip the campaign entirely. This means that they start the game with horses and transmog from the beginning. The news has been received positively by the community, with many players expressing their excitement. One player commented that it is much more fun for hardcore mode as you don’t have to repeat the same campaign when you die. Instead, you are free to level up again however you like.

However, the feature is not without flaws. Some players have pointed out that altars and renown do not transfer over, which means that they have to start from scratch. Despite this issue, it is still a huge advantage for players who want to play hardcore mode without having to repeat the campaign.

In other news, the latest Diablo patch 1.0.2d is now live. It nerfs Barbarian shout again but gives Necromancers a significant buff. Some players have experienced glitches and bugs, resulting in crashes during early runs. However, this has not stopped hardcore Diablo 4 players from crossing the line to become one of the first 1000 players to hit level 100 on hardcore mode. As of now, the highest hardcore level is 87, which is held by Wudijo. Five players have already hit the cap on “softcore” difficulty.

One player has even managed to beat the Butcher despite being underleveled. The Butcher is a challenging boss that has killed off many hardcore runs. However, in this instance, the player was able to defeat the Butcher with the help of minions who blocked its path while the player stood at the bottom of the screen.

In our GamesRadar+ Diablo 4 review, we gave the game a notable 5 out of 5 stars, calling it “a diabolical assault on the senses.” We praised the game for its vast improvement since Diablo 2 and its ability to entertain players when firing on all cylinders. Although some players may feel that Diablo 4 hasn’t gone far enough in terms of class balance and endgame, the game remains one of the most entertaining ARPGs available.

Diablo 4 will be available to all players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S on June 6. With the ability to skip the campaign on hardcore mode, players can look forward to an even more exciting gaming experience.


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