It has been common knowledge that Diablo 4 seasons necessitate the use of a new character with each battle pass. However, many players have wondered about the fate of their old seasonal character. To be fair to Blizzard, it has been established for some time that Diablo 4 seasonal characters are transferred to the Eternal realm, where your normal characters reside, at the conclusion of each season, following the pattern of previous Diablo games. Nonetheless, it is essential to clarify the process for newcomers to the series, particularly given the influx of new information regarding seasonal content.

Character and Progress Migration

In a recent news post, Blizzard provided an explanation. At the end of each season, both the character you created and the progress you made will be seamlessly moved to the Eternal realm. This includes all the items you have collected, including your seasonal stash. Consequently, you can freely explore Sanctuary with your character, just as you would with any other. The only exception is that season-specific features, such as the newly unveiled Malignant Hearts, will not be transferred to the Eternal realm and will become inaccessible.

Advantages for New Seasonal Characters

Since completion of the campaign is a prerequisite for accessing seasonal content, all new seasonal characters will have the benefit of skipping the campaign. Furthermore, they will begin the season with the mount already unlocked, as well as having access to all Altars of Lilith, previously discovered areas of the map, and associated Renown.

Upcoming Seasonal Launch

Diablo 4 season 1 is set to have a soft launch on July 18, introducing new items and balance changes in the Eternal realm. Subsequently, on July 20, an update will initiate the actual seasonal content, including the introduction of seasonal characters and the battle pass.

By understanding the process of transferring seasonal characters and the advantages that await new characters, players can fully immerse themselves in the upcoming Diablo 4 season. With the soft launch and subsequent update, players can expect a fresh and exciting experience in the Eternal realm, where they can continue their heroic journey.


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