Dicefolk is a new game that combines the classic turn-based attacks of Pokémon with the use of dice. The game involves forming a party of cute-looking chimeras and battling them against other chimeras. The goal is to try and catch them all, with different chimeras having unique powers and options to approach battles differently. The game is run-based and designed for multiple replays, with a map screen that has different branching paths similar to something like Slay the Spire.

The Dice Twist

Dicefolk is controlled with a set of dice, which adds a unique twist to the classic Pokémon gameplay. Dice on the player’s side of the screen can be used to attack, defend, and switch around the squad, while dice on the enemy’s side can be activated to switch them around, trigger effects, and manipulate them to help players win. There are also talismans that can be collected to discover the backstory behind the creature companions, and players can equip their pocket-monster pals with equipment to further spec them towards the perfect party.

The Artwork

The colorful and slightly-anime artwork of Dicefolk brings to mind familiar Pokémon-style faces, with similarly Mad Libs names like Dralcapel, Tormentine, and the frankly hilarious Minkpocket. The creatures in Dicefolk are adorable and unique, with some sporting horns or catgirl ears.

Try the Demo

Dicefolk is scheduled for release in 2023, but players can try the demo now available on its Steam page. The game promises to be a fun and unique twist on the classic Pokémon battler, with the added excitement of dice gameplay and the ability to customize and equip your pocket-monster pals. With its run-based design and multiple replay options, Dicefolk is sure to be a hit with gamers looking for a new challenge in the world of turn-based RPGs.


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