Diego Luna recently discussed his time on the sets of Star Wars in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Luna talked about his character’s journey in Andor and the filming process. According to Luna, he always had a feeling that the show was too perfect, and something had to go wrong, but it didn’t. The support of Disney and Lucasfilm, along with the confidence of Kathy Kennedy, made Andor a success.

In the show, Luna portrays Cassian Andor, who wants to be a part of the Rebellion, but he is unsure of what it entails. In season two, the show will explore Cassian’s journey towards becoming a Rebel hero. Luna revealed that in the second season, which spans four years, Cassian is far away from where he was at the end of season one. He is now the person to trust for a mission as the show delves deeper into his character.

Exploring Cassian’s Layers

Even though Cassian Andor played a role in building the Death Star that ultimately killed him, Luna found freedom in exploring his character’s different layers. He wanted to understand what would make Cassian conflicted and contradictory. Luna said that he gets to explore the layers of Cassian’s character that weren’t seen in the film. The freedom comes from knowing exactly what Cassian does.

The Intensity of the Filming Process

Luna also talked about the intensity of the filming process. He said that it was a long journey, but it was worth it because everyone involved was passionate about the show. The team’s dedication resulted in a product that exceeded Luna’s expectations. The show’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the crew and cast.

Diego Luna’s experience on the Star Wars sets has been an exciting journey. He was given the freedom to explore his character’s layers in Andor, which he found liberating. The support of Disney and Lucasfilm, along with the confidence of Kathy Kennedy, made Andor a success. The second season of Andor will delve deeper into Cassian’s journey towards becoming a Rebel hero.


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