Nintendo’s Mario movie has already raked in $1 billion at the box office and now, the company is considering more films. With this in mind, famous directors are expressing an interest in collaborating with Nintendo on future big-screen adaptations.

Director Neill Blomkamp expresses interest in making a Metroid movie

If Nintendo were to produce a Metroid movie, Neill Blomkamp, co-writer and director of the sci-fi action movie District 9 and the upcoming PlayStation movie Gran Turismo, would be a great choice. In a brief exchange with a Metroid fan on Twitter, Neill expressed his willingness to work with Nintendo on a Metroid movie.

Why Neill Blomkamp would be a great choice for a Metroid movie

Neill’s experience in sci-fi action movies and his willingness to work with Nintendo make him a great choice for a Metroid movie. The Metroid games were originally influenced by Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror series, and Neill was once in line to direct an Alien movie.

Nintendo’s future plans for cinema

Nintendo has not yet announced any plans for a Metroid movie or any other Nintendo-themed movies. Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the company’s executives, recently said that there are “many possible ways” Nintendo could go in the future, drawing on “characters that would be fit for movies, or very well-known characters”. In the immediate future, the focus will be on the Mario universe and possibly Donkey Kong.

Although there are no concrete plans for a Metroid movie yet, Nintendo has recently released Metroid Prime Remastered on the Switch, and Metroid Fusion was added to Switch Online’s GBA service. With famous directors like Neill Blomkamp expressing an interest in working with Nintendo on big-screen adaptations, it’s exciting to think about the potential future of Nintendo’s cinematic universe.


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