Disney CEO Bob Iger has expressed his views on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to disrupt the market. During a recent earnings briefing, Iger stated that advancements in AI offer “some pretty interesting opportunities” for Disney, which could lead to “substantial benefits” in the future. The company has already implemented AI systems to improve customer service, although Iger did not provide any specific details. Disney aims to use AI to get closer to customers and enhance their experience.

Concerns About AI

While Iger is optimistic about the potential of AI, he also acknowledges that it could be a “highly disruptive” force that may be difficult to manage. He expressed concerns about the impact of AI on intellectual property (IP) management, and stated that the legal team is working hard to address the challenges. Iger believes that AI could create efficiencies and improve customer services, but he did not comment on how it could affect jobs at Disney. Some experts predict that AI could replace or impact certain positions.

AI Revolution and Partnerships

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, recently referred to AI as the next “revolution,” similar to the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past. He believes that jobs may initially be displaced by AI, but could increase later on. Meanwhile, Microsoft has partnered with ChatGPT and invested $10 billion into the AI company. In Hollywood, writers are striking over concerns about AI.

During the earnings call, Iger also discussed Disney’s ongoing legal battle against Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

In conclusion, Iger believes that AI presents opportunities for Disney to enhance customer services, but also acknowledges that it could be a disruptive force that needs to be managed carefully.


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