The first trailer for Dune: Part Two, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has been released, revealing Timothee Chalamet in his role as Muad’Dib, the prophet of the Fremen. The 2021 adaptation of Frank Hubert’s Dune series was a huge success, receiving 10 Academy Award nominations and winning six. During Warner Bros. presentation at CinemaCon, Chalamet, Villeneuve, and co-star Zendaya discussed their roles in the sequel. Chalamet revealed that his character, Paul Atreides, will become a leader, while Zendaya’s character, Chani, will play a more significant role than in the first film.

New Characters and Locations

Villeneuve has added several new characters to the sequel, including Austin Butler as Paul’s rival, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, and Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan, Paul’s betrothed. Villeneuve praised Pugh’s performance, saying she brings a sense of mystery to the film. The director also revealed that the sequel will feature all-new locations and sets, and was filmed entirely in IMAX. Only 40% of the first film was shot in this format.

A Prophecy Fulfilled

The trailer shows Paul and Chani sitting on sand dunes, with Paul explaining the concept of swimming to her. We also see Irulan, who wants to end the House of Atreides. Finally, we see Paul riding a sandworm, fulfilling his prophecy as Muad’Dib. Dune: Part Two is set to be released on November 3, 2023.


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