Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the latest game from EA, could have benefited from more time in the bacta tank, according to James’ review of its PC performance. However, EA has now acknowledged that the game isn’t performing to their standards for a percentage of its PC players, especially those with high-end machines or specific configurations.

In a statement on Twitter, EA says that they are “aware of the issues” and are currently working on fixes. The statement also tries to define the scope of the problems, using the language “certain specific configurations.” Although this phrasing may seem odd, the statement goes on to explain that players using cutting-edge, multi-threaded chipsets designed for Windows 11 have had trouble on Windows 10, and high-end GPUs with lower-performing CPUs have experienced unexpected frame loss.

While the statement implies that the issues may be due to player error or faulty hardware, EA does promise to address these cases quickly. The team is currently working on fixes that they believe will improve performance across a spectrum of configurations. They also apologize to any players experiencing these issues.

Although the tone of the statement may seem slightly dismissive, it does contain an apology and a promise to work on the problems. Many gamers have experienced performance issues with Jedi: Survivor, causing the game to have a “Mixed” rating on Steam. However, if you are playing the game without issues, be sure to check out our walkthrough for tips.

Overall, while Jedi: Survivor may have some performance issues, it is still a fun and enjoyable game. EA’s acknowledgement of the problems and promise to fix them is a step in the right direction, and hopefully, players will soon be able to enjoy the game without any issues.


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