Electronic Arts (EA) has recently unveiled the establishment of a fresh game development studio, Cliffhanger Games, in collaboration with Marvel. The announcement, made on July 10, introduced this Seattle-based studio comprising industry veterans from renowned companies such as Monolith Productions, God of War, Halo, and Call of Duty. The team’s collective experience in crafting highly acclaimed games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War adds to the excitement surrounding their upcoming project.

An Authentic Black Panther Experience

Taking the lead on the development of the new Black Panther game is Kevin Stephens, a prominent figure in the creation of the Middle-earth series. In a press release, Stephens expresses the studio’s commitment to providing fans with a definitive and genuine Black Panther experience. The aim is to empower players, allowing them unprecedented agency and control over their narrative within this story-driven video game. The vast and captivating world of Wakanda, brimming with superhero potential, serves as the backdrop for players to immerse themselves in.

Marvel’s Collaborative Approach

EA’s collaboration with Marvel for the Black Panther game follows the pattern set by previous Marvel character-oriented games. Notably, Marvel has formed a close partnership with developer Insomniac, resulting in the successful Marvel’s Spider-Man series. It is highly likely that Marvel will continue this fruitful collaboration with Insomniac for their upcoming project, Marvel’s Wolverine. The limited information provided by EA regarding the Black Panther game implies a similar approach, wherein Marvel’s creative input will be vital to the game’s development.

Anticipating the Future

While specifics about the Black Panther game remain scarce, EA’s press release indicates that Cliffhanger Games will gradually expand its team over the next few years. This suggests that eager fans may have to exercise patience before catching a glimpse of the highly anticipated project. As the studio assembles its talented team and works diligently behind the scenes, players can eagerly anticipate an epic exploration of the vibrant and captivating world of Wakanda.

In summary, Electronic Arts has teamed up with Marvel to establish Cliffhanger Games, a Seattle-based studio comprising industry veterans from renowned game developers. The studio’s primary focus is on delivering an authentic and immersive Black Panther experience, granting players unprecedented agency and control over their narrative. Marvel’s collaborative approach, previously demonstrated with Insomniac, continues with this new project. While further details about the Black Panther game are yet to be revealed, the establishment of Cliffhanger Games signals an exciting future in the world of superhero gaming.


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