EA Games has gone through a significant shake-up, with the formation of two separate units and a rebranding of EA Games to EA Entertainment. The change is expected to broaden EA’s expansion into areas beyond video games, but it will be a wait-and-see situation until EA presents something new.

New Leadership and Responsibilities

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, announced the restructuring in a post shared with EA employees. Laura Miele, who has been with the company since 1998, has been appointed president of EA Entertainment, technology, and central development. Miele will oversee key studios, empowering them with more creative ownership, while continuing to lead central technology and development services to drive execution and operational efficiencies.

Vince Zampella, head of Respawn, will lead the studios responsible for Apex Legends, Star Wars games, and Battlefield, while Samantha Ryan will focus on leading lifestyle franchises and blockbuster single-player experiences. Cam Weber will continue to lead the EA Sports division.

Empowering Studio Leaders

According to Wilson, the restructuring will empower EA’s studio leaders with more creative ownership and financial accountability to make faster and more insightful decisions around development and go-to-market strategies. He also mentioned how cultural and generational trends are continuing to expand the definition of games beyond play to new modes of watch, create, and connect. The rebranding to EA Entertainment indicates that the company is looking to expand beyond just video games.

The changes will be implemented over the coming months, and the classic EA Games name will remain until then.

EA’s restructuring and rebranding demonstrate the company’s commitment to expanding its reach beyond video games. The new leadership and responsibilities are expected to empower studio leaders and enable faster decision-making. It remains to be seen what new areas EA will venture into, but this move is a clear indication that the company is looking to broaden its horizons.


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