Steam has introduced a new concept for game trials that offer players a chance to try a game before purchasing it. For a long time, Steam has made demos of some games available for download, particularly during Steam Next Fests. It has also been possible to buy a game, play it for under two hours, then refund it if the game is not to the player’s liking. However, the platform has now combined these ideas to create a time-limited 90-minute trial for EA’s Dead Space remake.

To access the trial, players need to visit the Dead Space Steam store page in the Steam client, where they will see a box at the top of the page, between the trailers and purchase options, that reads “Try Dead Space – Free Trial.” The box contains a Play Now button and text showing how many minutes of playtime remain. Pressing the button prompts the player to download and install the trial, which requires a little over 36GB of drive space.

The free trial is only available between now and May 29th, offering players around two weeks to give it a try. Dead Space is also available at a 20% discount during this period.

Free trials offer several benefits, including a chance to test whether a game will work on a player’s PC. At a time when several PC ports have had less than stellar launches, including EA’s own Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a way for people to give them a spin without spending money first seems like a good idea. Although Dead Space’s own launch was not bad, it did have issues on Steam Deck.

While there may have been free trials available on Steam before, the Dead Space remake trial is a new concept that is worth trying. According to our Dead Space review, the horror remake is worth your time, and we hope to see more free trials available on Steam in the future.


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