In a collaborative effort, Electronic Arts (EA) has teamed up with AskAboutGames to emphasize the significance of parental controls for home consoles. With the aim of creating a safe gaming environment for families, this campaign addresses various aspects such as screen time management, age-appropriate content selection, and regulation of in-game purchases. Through this partnership, EA and AskAboutGames aspire to raise awareness about the importance of utilizing parental controls to facilitate enjoyable gaming experiences for children and parents alike.

Ensuring Safety in Family Gaming

Jermaine Jenas, a former professional football player and presenter, expresses his enthusiasm for partnering with EA and AskAboutGames in this campaign. As a parent who cherishes gaming as a means of bonding with his children, Jenas believes that promoting parental controls is essential. He states, “I love playing video games as a way of spending time with my kids so by partnering with Electronic Arts on this campaign, I hope we can help spread awareness of the parental controls that are in place on devices.”

AskAboutGames facilitates a platform where individuals can seek comprehensive information regarding the gaming industry. From age ratings to online safety, the site serves as a valuable resource for consumers. As part of their commitment to promote safe gaming, AskAboutGames supports the Family Video Game Database, which offers up-to-date accessibility information on Nintendo Life’s reviews and game pages.

Nintendo has established a solid foundation for family gaming through their innovative approach. The introduction of the parental controls app for the Nintendo Switch allows parents to monitor screen time and set restrictions, among other features. This contribution has significantly contributed to creating a safe gaming environment for families. Additionally, Nintendo’s Bowser and Bowser Jr. video highlights the caring and responsible nature of Bowser as a parent, shedding light on the positive impact of family gaming.

With the upcoming release of EA’s latest installment, EA Sports FC 24, this partnership with AskAboutGames arrives at an opportune time. The campaign ensures that players of the new football game enter a secure gaming world. By providing information and resources through the AskAboutGames website, EA aims to reassure parents about the safety measures taken to safeguard children’s gaming experiences.

Collaborations like the one between Electronic Arts and AskAboutGames play a crucial role in promoting safe gaming practices for families. By addressing concerns such as screen time management, age-appropriate content, and in-game purchases, this partnership endeavors to create an environment where everyone can enjoy gaming while feeling protected. The availability of resources and information through AskAboutGames empowers parents to make informed decisions and encourages open dialogues about responsible gaming. With ongoing efforts from industry leaders, the future of family gaming looks promising.


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