Elon Musk’s controversial tweets defending spreading conspiracy theories about the recent mass shooting in Texas have sparked controversy. On May 9th, Bellingcat published a story that suggested the shooter held white supremacist and neo-Nazi views. Despite this, Musk took to Twitter to question the story’s validity.

Musk’s Defense

In a recent interview with CNBC, Musk defended his tweets, claiming that the evidence for the shooter’s white supremacist views was “bullshit” and came from an “obscure Russian website” that “no one’s ever heard of.” He also accused Bellingcat of being a company that “does psyops,” suggesting that their story was part of a psychological operation and not based on factual evidence.


Musk’s comments have been met with widespread criticism, with many accusing him of promoting right-wing conspiracy theories. This interview is not the first time Musk has made controversial statements on Twitter, as he has previously shared widely dismissed conspiracy theories about philanthropist George Soros and the motives for an attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Despite the backlash, Musk has stated that he will continue to speak his mind, even if it loses him money.

Overall, Musk’s defense of spreading conspiracy theories about the Texas shooting has sparked controversy and raised questions about the responsibility of public figures to fact-check their statements before sharing them on social media.


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