Evening Star, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Sonic Mania, have recently revealed their first 3D game under their new name, Penny’s Big Breakaway. While Sonic Mania was a 2D platformer, this new title takes on a 3D realm. The game has been described as a colourful adventure in which players will assume the role of Penny, the protagonist, who will have to escape an endless penguin army by swinging, dashing, flipping, zipping, and tricking their way through challenging levels.

The Game

Penny’s Big Breakaway was announced during Nintendo Direct and boasts an incredibly vibrant colour palette that could be reminiscent of the classic Sonic game. The game is set in a world that could be mildly reminiscent of Sonic’s rival, Mario. However, the game has its own unique charm, which players are sure to appreciate.

The game is centred around Penny, who players will control as she navigates through various levels, avoiding the penguin army and performing slick tricks using her yo-yo based movement. The game’s platforming looks like a lot of fun, and some of Penny’s moves seem like they could easily fit into any of the 3D Mario titles.

Evening Star is known for their deep passion for character-driven games that focus on concise and satisfying move-sets. For their debut title, they challenged themselves to bring that approach into not only a new IP but to an entire 3D world. Penny’s Big Breakaway has allowed their team to grow creatively and technically as a studio, and they are excited for players to experience the game.

The game’s creative director and lead engine architect, Christian Whitehead, who was also the director of Sonic Mania, expressed his excitement for the game’s release. He said, “Penny’s Big Breakaway has been a wonderful opportunity for our team to grow creatively and technically as a studio, and we can’t wait for players to perform plenty of slick tricks with Penny and Yo-Yo!”

The team making Penny’s Big Breakaway features several former Sonic Mania developers, including Dave Padilla as the lead producer, Tom Fry as the art director, Hunter Bridges as the game director and technology officer, and Brad Flick as the design director.

The game is set to release in 2024 on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Penny’s Big Breakaway is a highly anticipated game from Evening Star, and the team behind it is excited for players to experience the game’s unique charm and challenging levels. The game’s yo-yo based movement adds a new spin to the platforming, and the vibrant colour palette is sure to be a hit with players. Overall, Penny’s Big Breakaway looks like it will be a fun and exciting addition to the 3D platformer genre.


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