The Breath of the Wild soundtrack may have taken a different direction compared to previous Zelda games, but it still has some fantastic music to offer. With the approaching release of Tears of the Kingdom, a recent concert by the Ensemble G.A.P. orchestra in Japan is the perfect reason to revisit those tunes.

The two-hour concert, consisting of 16 movements, is entirely dedicated to the music of Breath of the Wild. The orchestra played a wide range of recognizable pieces, from the iconic 2017 Switch presentation trailer to the Tears of the Kingdom theme from E3 2021. The concert includes various smaller melodies, such as the Hinox and Talus battle themes, the Great Fairy Fountain, and Hateno Village.

Ensemble G.A.P. has performed soundtracks from other video games like Link’s Awakening, Final Fantasy VII, and Octopath Traveler II, among others. All the performances can be found on the orchestra’s YouTube channel.

If you want to experience the stunning Breath of the Wild soundtrack, you can watch the full concert in the video provided above. The music in the concert is sure to delight any Zelda fan, and the Ensemble G.A.P.’s performance is truly remarkable.


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